Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Confession

I don't own it all.

And Jerry would be pleased by that. Jerry hated the bottle cap mentality of some collectors.

And I'm fine with that. I don't have a need to own every Goldsmith release. (I'm looking at you, Mr. Baseball.)

But there are some Goldsmith scores that no true fan should be without. The classics. The treasures. The jewels in Jerry's crown.

I have a lot of them. I daresay, I have most of them.

But there's one release that I still don't own. I still haven't heard. And i feel guilty about it. I'm sure I would love it. I'm sure everyone thinks it's a great score. But I just haven't pursued it.


There. I said it. I don't own Rudy. I've never seen the movie, never heard the score - except, of course, during virtually every movie trailer made in the last 15 years.

Is it a mistake? Should I jump out there and rectify this situation? Is it really a must-have score?

Do you have any Goldsmith confessions to make? List them here, and Jerry will absolve you.


  1. I haven't heard RUDY either, and that is because inspirational sports movie are my kryptonite. So as you can guess, I haven't heard HOOSIERS either. And Mr Baseball sits proudly in the 215,065th place of the list of scores I want to hear.

  2. Hoosiers! Yes, that's another one I've failed to investigate. I feel like both of those are beloved by Goldsmith fans who aren't "really" Goldsmith fans, if you know what I mean...